Our production videographer, Ken Strong Productions, has made it available to purchase PAST recital DVDs online! Please click the following link to see the years and dates available for purchase. These DVDs are shipped directly to your home. THIS IS NOT FOR THE 2021 PRODUCTION DVD ORDER. Information about ordering the upcoming recital DVDs is available at the front desk.

2021 DVD Orders

DVD sales open May 1, 2021. Presale prices are valid through June 21, 2021. Presale forms can be filled out in studio. All presale sales are CASH ONLY. All post sale orders are ONLINE ONLY through Ken Strong Productions.

Lee Anne Stewart Dance School with Ken Strong productions is presenting THREE ways of viewing for the 2021 production video. This year will be the FINAL year we will be offering physical DVDs in an effort to keep up with ever changing technology and keep costs down. Our two NEW offers this year are USB Flash Drives and Digital Downloading. USB drives will be our physical keepsake and digital download will be the online keepsake. Digital downloads are uploaded within a few weeks of the show and USB drives take a bit longer process. Both have amazing quality and the same great videography KSP has been offering in years past.

*Digital download links will be sent via email from lasvideo@yahoo.com please contact this email address for any technical support regarding downloads as well.