Our annual dance production is held at Warsaw High School Performing Arts Center. Some classes are asked to dance in more than one performance, but most classes perform in one show.

Costumes for the dance production are chosen and pictures made available in January. Costumes range in price from $50.00 to $80.00. After the registration is deducted from the costume fee, the balance due is posted to accounts and a statement emailed by December. The balance of the costume fee is due by January 5. Each dancer also receives a hair net and tights for the show.

During the week of dance productions, all students are required to attend a technical rehearsal and a dress rehearsal for every show in which they perform.

Rehearsals are mandatory to participate in the dance production

We would like for all students to participate in the dance production for the theatrical experience of their dance education; however, it is strictly optional. 


Please submit this form no later than March 31, 2023 https://form.jotform.com/230025685924053 . Volunteers are needed in dressing rooms (boys & girls), costume collection and door attendants. Volunteers are able to choose up to 6 tickets early before general presale (see ‘Tickets’ below). You will be contacted no later than April 14, 2023 to confirm your assignment and verify early ticket order information. Please be sure your email information is correct. Depending on volunteer response, some volunteers may not be needed. Thank you for volunteering, we truly appreciate your help!


Select your seat location and make your ticket payment online through (link coming soon). All seats are reserved.  General online ticket sales begin May 1, 2023. Dressing Room Volunteer presale begins April 17, 2023 at 12PM.
Volunteer presale (non-dressing room roles) begins April 24, 2023 at 12PM.

VIDEO ORDER (USB & DIGITAL DOWNLOAD) https://kspcinematic.square.site/shop/lee-anne-stewart-dance-production-dvds/3

All tickets will be a virtual. There will be a posted QR code to scan at the entrance if you do not purchase tickets in advance.  

Order tickets from ShOvation at (link coming soon)

We encourage everyone to observe the safety recommendations of the CDC and the governor of Indiana.

Dancer Call Times:

Dress Rehearsals: 5:45PM

Show- 7:00PM Curtain

  • 6:15– Advanced & Fusion Dance Team
  • 6:30– Preschool through High School

Show- 4:00PM Curtain

  • 3:15– Advanced & Fusion Dance Team
  • 3:30– Preschool through High School

Audience must be seated five minutes before curtain. House opens 45 minutes before curtain.


All rehearsals and shows are held at Warsaw Performing Arts Center.

Fusion/Advanced Tech- June 6, 2023

Nappanee Tech- June 5, 2023

Yellow Show Dress Rehearsal- June 7, 2023 6PM

Purple Show Dress Rehearsal- June 8, 2023 6PM

Yellow Show- June 10, 2023 7PM

Purple Show- June 11, 2023 4PM

Syracuse Tech- June 12, 2023

Blue Show Dress Rehearsal- June 13, 2023 6PM

Pink Show Dress Rehearsal- June 14, 2023 6PM

Green Show Dress Rehearsal- June 15, 2023 6PM

Blue Show- June 16, 2023 7PM

Pink Show- June 17, 2023 7PM

Green Show- June 18, 2023 4PM