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Dance Productions

Our annual Syracuse, Nappanee, and Warsaw dance productions are held during June at Warsaw High School Performing Arts Center. There are typically five performances over a two week period in June. 

The calendar received during September has show rehearsal and performance dates marked.  Additional copies are available at the dance school desk.

Rehearsal and show dates are listed in the charts below.

[View seating chart]

Tickets are available online from March 26 through June 4 and at the Performing Arts Center box office during dress rehearsals and before each show.

Show dates: June 9, 15, 16 at 7:00 PM
June 10 and 17 at 4:00 PM

Be sure to order the correct show date.
There are no refunds, and exchanges must be of equal or greater value. 


Tickets purchased online: $13 Orchestra, $12 Mezzanine, $11 Balcony [must use stairs].

Tickets purchased at box office beginning June 6: $15 Orchestra, $14 Mezzanine, $13 Balcony.

Nappanee Dance Productions, June 2018
All rehearsals and productions are at Warsaw Performing Arts Center.

Technical Rehearsal: Tuesday, June 5  

Dress Rehersal:Show:
Wednesday June 6th - 6:00PM Saturday June 9th - 7:00PM
Thursday June 7th - 6:00 PM Sunday June 10th - 4:00 PM

Syracuse and Warsaw Dance Productions, June 2018    
All rehearsals and productions are at Warsaw Performing Arts Center.

Technical Rehearsal: Monday, June 11  

Dress Rehersal:Show:
Tuesday June 12th - 6:00 PM Friday June 15th - 7:00 PM
Wednesday June 13th - 6:00 PM Saturday June 16th - 7:00 PM
Thursday June 14th - 6:00 PM Sunday June 17th - 4:00 PM

Technical Rehearsal (selected dances): Monday, June 4 


Some groups are chosen to perform in more than one show. Costumes for the dance productions are chosen and pictures of each costume are usually made available for viewing by January. The cost of each costume and the accessories are listed with the picture. The costumes range in price from $40 to $70. The balance of the costume fee will be due by January 5, 2018.

All students will be required to attend 1 technical rehearsal and a dress rehearsal for every show in which they perform during the week of dance production. Rehearsals are mandatory to participate in dance productions.  Rehearsal and show information are color coded for ease (e.g. yellow dress rehearsal correlates with the yellow show information, etc.).

Any student who misses five or more lessons after January 1, 2018, may not be permitted to perform in the dance production.

Any costumes left at the Performing Arts Center or dance school after the final June production will be discarded. 

We would like for all students to participate in the dance production for the theatrical experience of their dance education; however, it is strictly optional.